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Department of Children & Families


April 15th 2005

I am writing you this letter on behalf of my DCF case # 562004DP000413 to inform you of the verdict in the Munao Criminal trial.

Edward Munao, the paternal parent of my two children, was found guilty of child abuse and solicitation to commit aggravated battery and assault on April 14, 2005.  The case was presided over by Judge Sweet in the St. Lucie County courthouse.

Based on this verdict, I am requesting that DCF file a petition to terminate the parental rights of Edward Munao. I feel that a continued relationship with Edward Munao will be detrimental to the emotional and mental well being of my two children, I would find it appalling if the Department of Children and Families would allow a relationship to continue when they have been made aware of this verdict. This conviction should directly impact my case.  Edward Munao has been convicted of child abuse.  The Department of Children and Families is supposed to look out for the best interests of my children and all children in the State of Florida. 

I am requesting written notification of the department’s determination in this matter.

Please contact my attorney Juan F. Torres, III, Esquire, who practices law in Fort Pierce, Florida as soon as possible concerning this matter.

Jodi Walsh

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