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Emotional Maltreatment Statutes Summary

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Mother to seek abuse bill third time

New! Port St. Lucie mom lobbies for state child abuse bill

New! Personal tragedies drive average folks to fight for all

New! Mother persists on verbal child-abuse law

St. Lucie victim vows abuse bill will come back

Bill clarifying child abuse starts trek through state legislature

Florida high court won't hear child-abuse appeal

Mom's on a mission to change state law

Rep. Harrell to file bill more clearly defining emotional abuse

Child Abuse Conviction Overturned! 

Fighting Over The Kids

Harrell backs mom's push on child abuse law

Munao case could rewrite state's definition of child abuse

Man who told son, 6, to kill mom wins appeal

Appeal questions whether words alone equal child abuse

Dad gets 10 years in prison for abuse

Father gets 10 years for abuse

Metro report

Man acquitted of trying to get son to kill

Jurors find Stuart man guilty of urging son, 6, to harm ex-wife

Father admits to telling son to get knife

Man allegedly told son to kill

Stuart man told son to stab mom, police report says

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