Child's Cry for Help's mission:
"to increase public awareness about domestic violence and emotional child abuse. Serve as an outlet for emotionally traumatized children. The organization will pursue goals through innovative outreach techniques and education specifically to strengthen families and create opportunities for children to live free from abuse."


Education and Awareness:
Childs Cry for Help working to shed light on the shame that surrounds issues of domestic violence and abuse while increasing trust for the victims to become survivors to seek services and become empowered. Inspiring community action, change societal attitudes while inspiring individuals to take action and help others around them.

Website and resources:
Informative material and resources for victims, professionals, and community.

Weathering Purple Reign Luncheon:
Child's Cry for Help's Annual luncheon and silent auction is held to increase awareness about Domestic Violence and empower survivors and the community about this epidemic.

Emotional Abuse Facts Pamphlet:
Promote informative educational material about Psychological & Emotional Abuse which is always a component of all abuse. Educational material prepared by Florida Atlantic University graduate students in the Mental Health Counseling Program, August 2007. Any organization, professional or individual can request the pamphlet to be mailed to you.

Child's Cry for Help supports victims as they navigate the legal system, and connects them with resources a victim often needs in their moments of crisis. Helping victims and families with their self esteem and emotional health.

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